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Pneumatic Seals - Rod, Piston, Static and Compact Seals

特瑞堡 密封系统提供专为气动应用设计的一系列产品,在这些应用中,气缸和阀由气体致动。它们工作于动态应用中,往往运用于旋转或往复运动中,工作速度较高。此外,当标准产品不适用于某些应用时,也可开发定制解决方案。

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions supplies a number of seals, wear rings and scrapers / wipers specifically engineered for pneumatic applications, where cylinders and valves are actuated by air. Pneumatic seals operate in dynamic applications, often at high speeds, generally with rotary or reciprocating motions. In addition, where a standard product type is not suitable, custom solutions can be developed.

样本资料:Trelleborg特瑞堡密封系统Pneumatic Seals


Any Trelleborg pneumatic seal is manufactured in optimized materials including Zurcon polyurethane andTurcon Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based material. Zurcon provides exceptional resistance to wear, abrasion and tearing. It also demonstrates outstanding durability, high breaking elongation and excellent elasticity. Turcon has the advantage of no stick-slip, excellent friction characteristics and high resistance to wear.

全磁活塞Complete Magnet Piston

全磁活塞以其双作用操作、动态密封性能、导向特性和机械端部缓冲等特点,满足了气动行业的大量技术要求。NBR O形环充当静态密封件,在集成磁铁检测位置时密封杆尺寸、磁通量、回位弹簧槽均可根据具体要求定制。The Complete Magnet Piston fulfills a large number of technical requirements within the pneumatics industry with its double-acting operation, dynamic sealing capability, guidance feature and mechanical end cushioning. An NBR O-Ring acts as a static seal and seals the rod while an integrated magnet detects position. The dimension, magnet flux and return spring groove can all be customized to specific requirements.

工程模压橡胶零件 Engineered Molded Elastomeric Parts

使用种类广泛的标准和特殊橡胶(包括Isolast)定制的密封件及其它组件,差距甚微的公差值可以服务各式各样的工业应用。作为您的发展伙伴,特瑞堡密封系统致力与您一同设计,研发和供应定制工程模压零件以满足您的应用要求 Specialized molded parts with small profiles and specific cross sections can be offered according to ISO 3301-1/M1. Custom-molded parts and static seals are manufactured to close tolerances in a wide range of engineered materials. These are developed in conjunction with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to the specific requirements of the customer.

气动缓冲密封件Pneumatic Cushioning Seal

提供在汽缸内冲程终了减震,不需要止回阀。高性能密封材料聚氨酯使用起来非常友好,提供自动对中止回阀功能和简单地弯曲安装。 Cushioning seals provide end-of-stroke damping in pneumatic cylinders, eliminating the need for check valves. These polyurethane, high performance seal elements are user-friendly and provide an automatic centering check valve function and easy, snap-in installation.

适用于活塞和活塞杆的气动格莱圈 Pneumatic Glyd Ring for Pistons and Rods

双作用格莱圈可以用作孔或者杆的密封件,包括一个滑动密封体和一个弹性O型圈。这意味着要求更小的安装空间。不同的材料组合为需要最小化静态和动态摩擦力,低黏滑,高速或者宽温度范围的特殊的气动应用提供合适的方案。 Double-acting Glyd Ring is available as piston or rod seal and is comprised of a slipper seal and an energizing O-Ring. This means less installation space is required. Different material combinations provide solutions suitable for special pneumatic applications where minimum static and dynamic friction, low stick-slip, high speed performance or wide temperature range are required.

气动活塞密封件 Pneumatic Piston Seal

气动产品范围包括用于活塞用途的单作用和双作用的聚氨酯密封件,这些密封件用特别耐磨的材料制成,装入很小的沟槽,安装简单.这些气动活塞密封件建议用于标准气缸和磁性驱动的气缸. The pneumatic product range offers single- and double-acting seals for piston applications. Made from extremely wear resistant material including Zurcon polyurethane and FKM, these seals fit into small housings and are easily installed. The pneumatic piston seal range is recommended for standard and pneumatic cylinders with dry air.

气动杆密封件和杆密封件-防尘圈组合 Pneumatic Rod Seal and Rod Seal - Scraper Combination

气动杆密封件有标准的聚氨酯唇式密封件和杆密封件-防尘圈组合的品种,用于封闭式和开放式沟槽.特殊的聚氨酯复合物提供耐磨性好、摩擦小和价格便宜.建议用于标准缸(与单独的防尘圈一起安装,或者作为杆密封件-防尘圈组合). Pneumatic rod seals are available as lip seals and rod seal/scraper combinations for closed and open housings. Special materials provide high abrasion resistance and low friction cost-effectively. They are recommended for applications in standard cylinders, installed with a separate scraper or as rod seal/scraper combination for dry air.

气动防尘圈 Pneumatic Scraper / Scraper for Guiding Units

2个品种的防尘圈,很容易装入开放式或半开放式沟槽,柔性特别好的唇口设计保护气缸避免污染,对于型号AWBB,建议空间最好是3 mm长(仅导向单元) These two versions of scrapers snap easily into open or semi-open grooves. Their special flexible lip design protects the cylinder from contamination. Where space is at a premium, the 3 mm / .118 in long type AWBB, is recommended (guiding units only).

气动耐磨环,用于活塞和杆 Pneumatic Wear Rings for Pistons and Rods

用于气动的各种密封件和耐磨环,针对最常用尺寸的活塞和杆.导向环是用专门开发的自润滑塑性材料制成的,摩擦小、耐磨、长期压缩稳定性好和使用寿命长. A complete range of seals and bearings for pneumatics including the most common dimensions for pistons and rods. The guide rings are made of a specially developed, self-lubricating plastic material to provide low friction, wear resistance, long term compression stability and excellent service life.

橡胶-金属和橡胶-塑料粘合零件Rubber-to-Metal and Rubber-to-Plastic Bonded Parts

对于某些应用,自定义密封最适合。作为您的开发合作伙伴,Trelleborg密封解决方案可以与您合作,设计、开发和供应符合您要求的橡胶金属零件和粘合密封件黄铜、铝、钢或不锈钢等金属可与所有弹性体类型结合。For certain applications custom seals are most suited. As your development partner, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can work with you to design, develop and supply rubber-metal parts and bonded seals to your requirements. Metal such as brass, aluminum, steel or stainless steel can be offered with bonding to all elastomer types.

聚氨酯材料特殊和定制解决方案 Special and Customized Solutions in Polyurethane

聚氨酯材料拥有优异的弹性和优化的耐磨性。出色的拉伸强度和低永久压缩形变在气动工业中使得大多数密封应用成为可能。适合特定应用的定制密封件,作为您的发展伙伴,特瑞堡密封系统能够帮助您设计,开发和提供精密组件和密封系统满足您的要求。 Polyurethane materials have excellent elastic properties and optimum abrasion resistance. Outstanding tensile strength and low compression set offers numerous possibilities for sealing applications within the pneumatic industry. For certain applications custom seals are most suited. As your development partner, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can work with you to design, develop and supply precision elements and sealing systems suited to your requirements.

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Trelleborg 特瑞堡密封系统是全球领先的密封解决方案供应商。 我们的产品范围包括 O形圈 液压密封件旋转密封件油封 静态密封件气动密封件机械端面密封件等等。 Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of sealing solutions. Our range of products includes O-Rings , hydraulic seals , rotary shaft seals , oil seals , static seals , pneumatic seals , mechanical face seals and many more.



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