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Altronic is the worldwide leader in industrial Ignition systems for spark ignited, natural gas fueled engines, which often run continuously under difficult operating conditions in potentially hazardous areas. Altronic also offers an own line of Spark Plugs

Altronic produces a wide range of digital Instruments and controllers for gas engines, compressors, and other heavy duty rotating equipment.

Altronic’s Engine Controls provide air/fuel ratio control, fuel control, speed governing, and complete custom control panels to keep engines at peak efficiency, within emissions guidelines, and fully monitored and protected.

The GTI Division of Altronic Controls produces the patented GTI Bi-Fuel System which converts a standard diesel engine to operate on up to 75% natural gas or bio-gas, thereby reducing operating costs, extending run-time on stored diesel fuel, and reducing diesel emissions.

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Altronic DSM Series Digital Setpoint Monitor
Altronic DSG Series Digital Setpoint Gauge

Altronic Instruments

Altronic Engine controls
Altronic Ignition systems
Altronic Fuel control


Product ID Description File size
Form AIS-C-04 Altronic Ignition System Short Form Catalog 602K
Form FP-ALT 1-93 Firing Pattern Code - Altronic II/III 100K
Form FP-CPU 7-98 Firing Pattern Code - CPU Systems 203K
Form IC-II 3-90 Integral Coils Installation Instructions 72K
Form W-AS 3-04 Warranty 78K

转速表 DTH-2100
传感器 配套 PTH-2100
转速表 DSG-1201DUP
电缆 Cable for magneto electric motor P/N393018-1 用于 Altronic III 型马达
初级电缆 593029-15
初级电缆 93029-30
次级电缆 593030-13
点火线圈 501061-S
电机电缆 593026-18
电机电缆 593024-18
水磁发电机及电子盒 190023 n=720r/min U=220V
触发电缆 593022-72
触发电缆 191004-S
火花塞 S-R8071-2 M18X1.5 3/4 寸 –20 备 4
转速表 DTH-1200
电源模块 691029
点火线圈 028 - 989 - 002 (或 501061 - S )
触发线圈 593022 - 72
火花塞 RHW-79N
高压线圈电缆 593029 - 15
高压线圈电缆 593029 - 30
高压电火电缆 593020 - 16
触发线圈电缆总成 593025 - 72
一级电缆总成 593026 - 60
一级电缆总成 593024 - 60
磁电机 YAE-6052-H-1
触发线圈 191004 - S
触发线圈电缆总成 593025 - 72

Product ID Description File size
Form ASPIA-C 8-05 Industrial Spark Plug / Ignition Accessories Catalog 600K
Form SAFELEAD 12-98 Safe-T-Lead Brochure 130K
Form IAPL 12-97 Ignition Accessories Parts List 787K
Form BDX-PL 10-98 BDX Coils and Ignition Accessories 306K

Product ID Description File size
Form AI 8-90 Altronic I Brochure 4.7M
Form Al AL 3-02 Altronic l Application List 47K
Form Al ll 3-02 Altronic l Installation Instructions 67K
Form Al-6 ll 1-94 Altronic l-6 Installation Instructions 405K
Form Al-S 4-94 Altronic l Shielded System 88K
Form Al SM 3-02 Altronic l Service Manual 301K

ALTRONIC lI Product ID Description File size
Form AlI 8-87 Altronic Il Brochure 7.7M
Form All AL 1-89 Altronic ll Application List 835K
Form All ll 7-85 Altronic ll Installation Instructions 333K
Form All SM 3-90 Altronic ll Service Manual 2.7M

ALTRONIC lIl Product ID Description File size
Form AlIl 8-87 Altronic Ill Brochure 7.8M
Form Alll AL 12-95 Altronic lll Application List 885K
Form Alll ll 4-92 Altronic lll Installation Instructions 398K
Form Alll SM 12-96 Altronic lll Service Manual 1.5M
Form Alll-CPU SI 12-96 Altronic lll-CPU Service Manual 1.5M

ALTRONIC V Product ID Description File size
Form AV 1-86 Altronic V Brochure 7.3M
Form AV AL 2-95 Altronic V Application List 374K
Form AV ll 2-95 Altronic V Installation Instructions 375K
Form AV SM 12-96 Altronic V Service Manual 621K

CD1 / CD200 Product ID Description File size
Form CD1 6-97 CD1 Brochure 2.9M
Form CD1 ll 8-93 CD1 Installation Instructions 651K
Form CD200 3-05 CD200 Brochure 165K
Form CD200 ll 3-05 CD200 Installation Instructions 1.0M

CPU-90 Product ID Description File size
Form CPU-90 8-92 CPU-90 Brochure 7.3K
Form CPU-90 AL 6-93 CPU-90 Application List 442K
Form CPU-90 ll 6-93 CPU-90 Installation Instructions 991K
Form 791901 ll 8-95 CPU-90 Interface Unit 791901 210K
Form CPU-90 SI 6-93 CPU-90 Service Instructions 433K

CPU-95 Product ID Description File size
Form CPU-95 1-02 CPU-95 Brochure 1.0M
Form CPU-95 1-02 CPU-95 Brochure Spanish Version 645K
Form CPU-95 AL 1-02 CPU-95 Application List 110K
Form CPU-95 AL 1-02 CPU-95 Application List Spanish Version 146K
Form CPU-95 II 1-02 CPU-95 Installation Instructions 210K
Form CPU-95 ll 1-02 CPU-95 Installation Instructions Spanish Version 3.0M
Form CPU-95 OI 1-02 CPU-95 Operating Instructions 307K
Form CPU-95 OI 1-02 CPU-95 Operating Instructions Spanish Version 1.4M
Form CPU-95 PI 1-02 CPU-95 Terminal Program Instructions 374K
Form CPU-95 PI 1-02 CPU-95 Terminal Program Instructions Spanish Version 32.8K
Form CPU-95 SI 1-02 CPU-95 Service Instructions 281K
Form CPU-95 SI 1-02 CPU-95 Service Instructions Spanish Version 281K
Form CPU-95 ll-C 6-97 CPU-95C Installation Instructions 828K
Form CPU-95 OI-C 6-97 CPU-95C Operating Instructions 739K
Form CPU-95 PI-C 6-97 CPU-95C Terminal Program Instructions 290K

CPU-2000 Product ID Description File size
Form CPU-2000 7-02 CPU-2000 Brochure 215K
Form CPU-2000 7-02 CPU-2000 Brochure Spanish Version 217K
Form CPU-2000 AL 1-02 CPU-2000 Application List 104K
Form CPU-2000 ll 9-97 CPU-2000 Installation Instructions 1.3M
Form CPU-2000 ll 9-97 CPU-2000 Installation Instructions Spanish Version 180K
Form CPU-2000 OI 7-02 CPU-2000 Operating Instructions 418K
Form CPU-2000 OI 8-02 CPU-2000 Operating Instructions Spanish Version 590K
Form CPU-2000 PI 9-01 CPU-2000 Terminal Program Instructions 56K
Form CPU-2000 SI 9-97 CPU-2000 Service Instructions 859K

CPU-II Product ID Description File size
Form All-CPU 3-88 Altronic ll-CPU Brochure 7.5M
Form All-CPU AL 7-94 Altronic ll-CPU Application List 664K
Form All-CPU ll 6-88 Altronic ll-CPU Installation Instructions (ALT.) 838K
Form DC-CPU ll 6-88 Altronic ll-CPU Installation Instructions (DC) 854K
Form All-CPU-D SI 4-91 Altronic ll-CPU Service Instructions 744K

D.I.S. Product ID Description File size
Form DIS 8-90 D.I.S. 500 Series Brochure 1.7M
Form DIS II 5-88 D.I.S. 500 Series Installation Instructions 2.7M
Form DIS SI 6-91 D.I.S. 500 Series Service Instructions 5.5M

DISN Product ID Description File size
Form DISN800C 1-96 DISN 800C Series Brochure 7.3M
Form DISN800C AL 1-96 DISN 800C Series Application List 469K
Form DISN800C ll 11-97 DISN 800C Series Installation Instructions 725K
Form DISN801M 6-97 DISN 801M Brochure 3.3M
Form DISN801M ll 6-97 DISN 801M Series Installation Instructions 775K
Form DISN400 SI 6-93 DISN 400 Series Service Instructions 643K
Form DISN800 SI 12-95 DISN 700/800/801 Series Service Instructions 733K
Form DISN800CM SI 6-97 DISN 800C/801C/801M Series Service Instructions 701K

24 VDC ALTERNATOR Product ID Description File size
Form ALT 2-01 24 VDC Alternator Brochure 146K
Form ALT ll 2-01 24 VDC Alternator Installation Instructions 362K
Form ALT SI 2-01 24 VDC Alternator Service Instructions 531K


ENGINE CONTROLS GENERAL Product ID Description File size
Form AEC-C-05 Engine Controls Short Form Catalog 1.05M

Product ID Description File size
Form ACCUNOX 11-98 ACCUNOX Brochure 3.5M
Form ACCUNOX OM 11-98 ACCUNOX Operating Manual 1.2M
Form EPC-100E-110-150 4-06 EPC-100E/110/150 Brochure 757K
Form EPC-100E OM 5-06 EPC-100E Operating Manual 3.7M
Form EPC-110 OM 4-06 EPC-110 Operating Manual 1.5M
Form EPC-150 OM 12-04 EPC-150 Operating Manual 881K
Form EPC 12-87 EPC-200 Engine Performance Controller Brochure 6.5M
Form EPC 11-05 EPC-200 Engine Performance Controller Brochure Spanish 6.5M
Form EPC-C OM 4-90 EPC-200 Operating Manual 1.3M
Form EPC-C OM 4-90 ESP EPC-200 Operating Manual Spanish 1.4M
Form GCV1 OM 12-04 690154 Series Valve Installation Instructions 225K
Form GCV2 OM 12-04 6902XX Series Valve Installation Instructions 271K
Form SMC OM 12-04 Stepper Motor Controller Installation Instructions 85K

Product ID Description File size
Form AGV5 8-03 AGV5 Gas Control Valve Brochure 154K
Form AGV5 OM 11-02 AGV5 Operating Manual (Original Series) 702K
Form AGV5 OM 8-03 AGV5 Operating Manual (A Series) 702K
Form AGV5 SM 11-03 AGV5 Service Manual 2.7M
Form GOV 4-06 GOV10/50 Gas Engine Governor 607K
Form GOV 8-03 GOV10/50 Gas Engine Governor Spanish Version 740K
Form GOV OM 10-02 GOV10/50 Operating Manual (Original Series) 2.2M
Form GOV OM 8-03 GOV10/50 Operating Manual Spanish Version 426K
Form GOV OM 4-06 GOV10/50 Operating Manual (A Series) 953K
Form GOV SM 11-03 GOV10/50 Service Manual 2M
Form GOV SM 11-03 GOV10/50 Service Manual Spanish Version 904K
Form HyperFuel 11-04 HyperFuel? Flyer 1.1M
Form HyperFuel II 03-06 HyperFuel? Valve Installation Instructions 1.32M
Form HyperFuel OI 03-06 HyperFuel? Valve Operating Instructions 9.61K

Product ID Description File size
Form SaveAir 5-05 SaveAir Electronic Air Start System Brochure 408K
Form SA OM 5-05 SaveAir System Operating Manual 868K


INSTRUMENT GENERAL Product ID Description File size
Form ADI-C-04 Digital Instrument Short Form Catalog 9.7M

ANNUNCIATORS / CONTROLLERS Product ID Description File size
Form ADA-N ll 3-86 DA-N Series Installation Instructions 449K
Form ADA-A ll 7-88 DA-A Series Installation Instructions 273K
Form ADC ll 3-86 DC Series Installation Instructions 275K
Form DD 7-96 DD Series Digital Annunciator Brochure 9.0M
Form DD-NT ll 9-89 DD Series Installation Instructions 549K
Form DD-40NTV 5-06 DD-40NTV Series Digital Annunciator Brochure 299K
Form DD-NTV ll 5-06 DD-40NTV Series Installation Instructions 1.8M
Form DD-NTS ll 5-02 DD-40NTS Series Installation Instructions 1.0M
Form DE-1500 10-03 DE-1500 Series Brochure 72K
Form DE-1500 IOI 8-03 DE-1500 Installation/Operating Instructions 763K
Form DE Series 3-04 DE Series Digital Annunciator Brochure 350K
Form DE Series 3-04 DE Series Digital Annunciator Brochure Spanish Version 1.6M
Form DE PI 9-01 DE Series Programming Instructions 130K
Form DE ll 1-99 DE-2000 Series Installation Instructions 928K
Form DE OI 9-01 DE-2000 Series Operating Instructions 434K
Form DE 2200 lOl 9-01 DE-2200 Series Installation/Operating Instructions 1.0M
Form DE 2500 lOl 3-04 DE-2500 Series Installation/Operating Instructions 1.2M
Form DE 2500 lOI 3-06 DE-2500 Series Installation/Operating Instructions Spanish Version 3.4M

SPEED / HOURS / TIMING Product ID Description File size
Form ADH 7-96 DH-100A Hourmeter Brochure 1.8M
Form ADH ll 5-86 DH-100A Installation Instructions 189K
Form DI 9-96 DI-1400/3400 Series Timing Indicator Brochure 3.2M
Form DI14 ll 1-88 DI-1400 Series Installation Instructions 222K
Form ADIT ll 5-86 DI-3400 Series Installation Instructions 134K
Form ADO 5-86 DO-3300 Series Digital Overspeed Trip Brochure 3.5M
Form ADO ll 5-86 DO-3300 Series Installation Instructions 233K
Form DSG-12 7-95 DSG-1201DU Digital Tach/Speed Switch Brochure 3.6M
Form DSG1201 ll 7-95 DSG-1201DU Installation Instructions 1.0M
Form DSG-14 1-96 DSG-1401DU Digital Ignition Timing Monitor Brochure 3.5M
Form DSG-1401 ll 1-96 DSG-1401DU Installation Instructions 1.1M
Form DTHO 2-03 DTHO-1201/3201 Series Digital Tachometer Brochure 654K
Form DTHO II 1-03 DTHO-1201/3201 Series Installation Instructions 906K
Form APTHO 3-83 PT-2100 Series Tachometer Brochure 3.1M
Form APTHO ll 7-86 PT-2100 Series Installation Instructions 198K

TEMPERATURE / PRESSURE Product ID Description File size
Form 45PHL 7-02 45PHL Pressure Switch-Gauge Brochure 100K
Form 45PHL II 3-03 45PHL Installation Instructions 439K
Form DPHL01 7-87 DPHL-1501 Digital Pressure Gauge Brochure 4.1M
Form DPHL01 ll 2-87 DPHL-1501 Installation Instructions 180K
Form DPS1591 7-02 DPS-1591 Digital Pressure Gauge Brochure 954K
Form DPS1591 II 11-02 DPS-1591DP Installation Instructions 2.4M
Form DPY41UA 10-96 DPY-4118U-A Digital Pyrometer Brochure 3.4M
Form DPY41UA ll 10-96 DPY-4118U-A Installation Instructions 167K
Form DPYH1300U 4-97 DPYH-1300U Digital Temperature Gauge Brochure 3.8M
Form DPYH13U ll 6-94 DPYH-1301U/1392U Installation Instructions 400K
Form DPYH1379U ll 4-97 DPYH-1379U Installation Instructions 770K
Form DPYH43U 7-00 DPYH-4300U Series Digital Pyrometer Brochure 71K
Form DPYH43 ll 1-93 DPYH-4320/4354U-J/K Installation Instructions 375K
Form DPYH4354U ll 7-00 DPYH-4354U Installation Instructions 881K
Form DPYH4390U ll 7-00 DPYH-4390U Installation Instructions 1.0M
Form DSG16 5-06 DSG-1611DUPS/1692DUS Digital/Bargraph Setpoint Gauge Brochure 265K
Form DSG1301 ll 12-97 DSG-1301DU Installation Instructions 1.2M
Form DSG1601 ll 12-97 DSG-1601DU Installation Instructions 1.5M
Form DSG1611 II 8-06 DSG-1611DUPS Installation Instructions 3.5M
Form DSG1692 II 8-06 DSG-1692DUS Installation Instructions 3.7M
Form DSM43000 7-04 DSM-43000 Digital Setpoint Monitor Brochure 157K
Form DSM4388 ll 10-97 DSM-4388DUS Installation Instructions 1.2M
Form DSM4600 ll 10-97 DSM-4600DUS Installation Instructions 1.6M
Form DSM43820 ll 7-02 DSM-43820DUS Installation Instructions 1.5M
Form DSM43900 ll 7-02 DSM-43900 Installation Instructions 1.5M
Form DSM43900 Il 7-04 DSM-43900 Installation Instructions Spanish Version 2.0M
Form DSM43920 ll 7-02 DSM-43920DUS Installation Instructions 1.9M
Form ETM 11-02 ETM-40US Temperature Scanner Brochure 1.2M
Form ETM OM 5-03 ETM-40US Operating Manual 2.4M
Form ETS 6-89 ETS Series Temperature Scanner Brochure 6.2M
Form ETS OM 7-91 ETS-24/40 Operating Manual 1.5M
Form RTD ll 5-99 RTD Adapter Installation Instructions 285K

Product ID Description File size
Form GSV 7-05 Gas Shutoff Valve Brochure 148K
Form GSV II 9-05 Gas Shutoff Valve Installation Instructions 440K
Form LLS 7-05 Liquid Level Switch Brochure 100K
Form LLS II 9-05 Liquid Level Switch Installation Instructions 316K


GTI BI-FUEL SYSTEMS Product ID Description File size
Form GTI 6-06 GTI Bi-Fuel System Brochure 2.23M
Form GTI 6-06 ESP GTI Bi-Fuel System Brochure Spanish Version 531K
Form GTI 6-06 POR GTI Bi-Fuel System Brochure Portuguese Version 659K

Product ID Description File size
HTML file Typical Altronic Controls Panels 14K
Form ACI-OPTIMIZER 9-04 Optimizer Control System Brochure 855K
Form EXACTA XI 6-03 EXACTA XI Series Brochure 699K
Form EXACTA XI II 8-03 EXACTA XI Installation Instructions 3.2M
Form EXACTA XI-OG II 9-03 EXACTA XI Operating Guide 957K
Form EXACTA XI-PG II 11-03 EXACTA XI Programming Guide 1.5M


Product ID Description File size
Bulletin DP1 Altronic Digital Instruments Repairs 123K
Bulletin DP4 Altronic EPC-200C and ETS-24/40 in Class I, Group D, Division 1 Area 441K
Bulletin 12E Altronic III Circuit Board/Back Cover Exchange 132K
Bulletin 19D Altronic ll S/N 2400 1.9M
Bulletin 22J CSA Ignition System Certification 164K
Bulletin 25F Altronic Integral Coil Applications 591007, 591008, 591011A, 591011B 1.9M
Bulletin 29 Gear-Flex Coupling 1.5M
Bulletin 30B Altronic V Circuit Board Exchange 166K
Bulletin 32D Altronic III - Updating and Optional Features 1.7M
Bulletin 33C Altronic I System Update and "Hot Spark" Conversion Kits 1.7M
Bulletin 34 Single Extra-High Output Altronic III for MEP Engines 139K
Bulletin 35 Primary Coil Boot - 502 155 280K
Bulletin 36 Electronic Timing Units for Superior GTLA/SGTA Engines 545K
Bulletin 38 Ignition Test Units - DIS/DISN and CPU-90/II-CPU 136K
Bulletin 39 II-CPU/CPU-90 System Memory Chip Program 131K
Bulletin 500 GOV-10/50 Field Applications 117K
Bulletin 501 ETM-40US Noise Filtering 40K
Bulletin 502 EPC-100 Board Replacements 178K
Bulletin 503 GOV-10 Enhancements 112K
Bulletin 504 DD-40NTV Annunciator 104K

Product ID Description File size
Service Note 10 Assembly of Flange to Altronic III Units 637K
Service Note 11 Altronic Exchange/Repair Philosophy 227K
Service Note 12 Update on EPC-100 and Proper Installation 690K
Service Note 13 EPC-100 w/Regulators w/Ext. Feedback Tubes 1.2M
Service Note 14 CPU-2000 Terminal Software Upgrade to Version 2.00 322K
Service Note 15 Keypads for EPC-200C and ETS-24/40 131K
Service Note 16 Altronic III/V Updates and Improvements 170K
Service Note 17 Altronic Ignition Systems Updates 143K
Service Note 18 DPY-4118U-A Modification to Increase Battery "Shelf" Life 1.1M
Service Note 19 DSM-4688DUS and DSM-4689DUS Update 89K
Service Note 20 CPU-95 Display Contrast Adjustment 110K
Service Note 21 CPU-2000 Display Contrast Adjustment 110K
Service Note 22 CPU Ignition Tach Adaptor (691116) 515K
Service Note 23A B&B Electronics Universal RS-232 to RS-485 Converter 207K
Service Note 24 "Test Mode" on CPU-95 and CPU-2000 178K
Service Note 25 CPU-95 Display Module Wiring 131K
Service Note 26 Altronic I with DSM-4689 and DE Annunciators 108K
Service Note 108 Altronic Ignition Systems for Ariel 325JGS Engine 189K
Service Note 109 Altronic III Units Below S/N 31949 138K
Svc. Bull. 11-21-03 EPC-100 Control Stepper Board 45K
Svc. Bull. 03-05-04 GOV10/50 Wiring Details 49K
Svc. Bull. 04-02-04 GOV "Local" and "Remote" Control 47K
Svc. Bull. 04-19-04 GOV Flow Enable Instructions (Optional Feature) 98K

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