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Digital Indicators / Panel Meters
Electrical Calibrators
Flow Meters
■Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
■Differential Pressure Flow Meters
■Magmeters / Electromagnetic Flow Meters
■Positive Displacement Flow Meters
■Rotameters / Variable Area Flow Meters
■Thermal Flow Meters
■Turbine / Paddlewheel Flow Meters
■Ultrasonic Flow Meters
■Vortex Flow Meters
■Flow Meter Indicators
■Flow Meter Monitors
■Flow Meter Switches
■Flow Transmitters
■Flow Meter Regulators
HART Communicators
Humidity / Dewpoint / Moisture Calibrators
Infrared Thermometers
Level Meters / Transmitters
Pressure Calibrators
Proximity Sensors


GO? Switch leverless limit switches provide reliable position sensing in extremely hot, cold, wet, dirty, corrosive, abusive, and explosive plant conditions.
FW Murphy
Pressure & Vacuum,Temperature,Fluid Level,Vibration, Time & Overspeed,Magnetic Switches & Tattletale Annunciators
Engine Panels,Engines & Motor Controls,Compressor Controls & Panels,Valves,Electric Gages & Electric Switchgage
Gen-Set Controls
Dynalco's instrumentation includes a full range of tachometers, meters, speed switches, magnetic pickups and scanners;Dynalco Tachometers, Speed Switches, Scanners and Magnetic Pickups
Stewart Warner

For over 95 years Stewart Warner has been supplying the automotive and Original Equipment Manufacturer markets with vehicle monitoring systems and instrumentation. Stewart Warner continuously updates their product lines to meet the fast moving pace of today's markets. Besides custom products for larger OEM's Stewart Warner provides several standard product lines suitable for OEM's as well as individuals.


Stewarts Pressure Gauges, BiMetal Thermometers, Digital Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Needle valves, Ball valves, Manifolds
Noshok, Inc.
Pressure Gauges,Pressure Transducers, Needle valve,Diaphragm Seals and Thermometers
Altronic Inc.Produces a wide range of digital instrumentation for gas engines, compressors and heavy duty rotating equipment.
VDO Instruments

VDO has long been a world leader in instruments for monitoring engines in Automobiles, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, and Boats.

Datcon brand standard products include a wide range of gauges, tachometers, speedometers, "smart" instruments, instrument clusters, senders, sensors, switches and accessories. Products have been designed for "ruggedized" use in a variety of applications including high-moisture and high shock and vibration environments. Custom products can be designed for your specific application.


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