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Stewarts-USA, manufacture of high quality gauges and pressure instrumentation products.

Stewarts-USA is the North and South American distribution arm of Stewart-Buchanan Gauges, Ltd. The Stewart-Buchanan Group of companies has been in existence since 1870 and over the years have established and maintained a reputation for the manufacture of high quality products. The most comprehensive selections of pressure and temperature instrumentation, valves, manifolds and accessories available from one manufacturer, and are always pleased to discuss and advise on the design and construction of special applications. Products are manufactured to meet the CE marking requirements of P.E.R.1999 (S2001) and P.E.D. 97/23/EC together with our ISO 9001 approval. The parent company was formed in 1870 and has seen steady and sustainable growth over the years and is now recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in our particular market with worldwide sales to 50 different countries.

Stewarts-USA : pressure gauge, pressure gauges, gages, gauges, instrumentation, pressure indicators, temperature indicators, thermowells, thermometers.

Pressure Gauge Data Sheets

Bourdon Tube
Model Name
Swivemas Swivemas pressure gauge
Vibragauge Vibragauge (The Gauge for Vibration Problems)
Snubbagauge SnubbaGauge (The Gauge for Shock and Surge Problems)
411,412,413,414 Standard pressure gauge
521,522,523,524 Stainless Steel Case, Brass Internals, pressure gauge
631,632,633,634 Petro Chemical Stainless Steel pressure gauge
1121,1122,1122BC,1123 Safety Pattern Stainless Steel pressure gauge
1011,1012,1013,1014 Safety Pattern Aluminium Case pressure gauge
1081/S,1082/S,1082/S-BC,1083/S Oxygen & Acetylene Stainless Steel pressure gauge
1081,1082,1082,1083 Oxygen & Acetylene Aluminium Case pressure gauge
1071,1072,1073,1074 Test Gauges Standard
1071/S,1072/S,1073/S,1074/S Test Gauges Stainless Steel
1041/S,1042/S,1073/S,1044/S Receiver Stainless Steel pressure gauge
Electric Contact Electric Contact pressure gauge
Diaphragm / Chemical Seal
2032,2032/HP,2033/F,2033/F Diaphragm Seal Filled System Stainless Steel pressure gauge
2012,2013 Mechanical Diaphragm Stainless Steel pressure gauge
Capsule Type Draught
1061/S,1062/S,1063/S,1064/S Low Pressure Draught Stainless Steel pressure gauge
4503 / 4906 / 4901 Differential Stainless Steel pressure gauge
2021,2022,2023,2024 Duplex pressure gauge
3010,3011,3012 SubSea Stainless Steel pressure gauge
Prefix Description
SW -1 Swivadapt Mark-1
SW -2 Swivadapt Mark-2
ILORP OverRange Gauge Protector
IL-GS External Adjust Snubber
S 'S' Type Syphon
CV Check Valve

STEWARTS-USA / McDaniel Part Numbers Crossover (316SS)

Item McDaniel Part # (Dry) Stewarts-USA Part # (Dry) McDaniel Part # (Glycerin filled) Stewarts-USA Part # (Glycerin filled) Stewarts-USA Part # (VibraGauge)
1 KSP 20S-V30-FP KSP-GF 20S-V30-FP-GF 20SV-V30-FP
2 KUP 20S-C15-FP KUP-GF 20S-C15-FP-GF 20SV-C15-FP
3 KVP 20S-C30-FP KVP-GF 20S-C30-FP-GF 20SV-C30-FP
4 KWP 20S-C60-FP KWP-GF 20S-C60-FP-GF 20SV-C60-FP
5 KXP 20S-C100-FP KXP-GF 20S-C100-FP-GF 20SV-C100-FP
6 KYP 20S-C160-FP KYP-GF 20S-C160-FP-GF 20SV-C160-FP
7 K2kP 20S-C200-FP K2kP-GF 20S-C200-FP-GF 20SV-C200-FP
8 KZP 20S-C300-FP KZP-GF 20S-C300-FP-GF 20SV-C300-FP
9 KTP 20S-R315-FP KTP-GF 20S-R315-FP-GF 20SV-R315-FP
12 K10P 20S-10-FP K10P-GF 20S-10-FP-GF 20SV-10-FP
13 KAP 20S-15-FP KAP-GF 20S-15-FP-GF 20SV-15-FP
14 KBP 20S-30-FP KBP-GF 20S-30-FP-GF 20SV-30-FP
15 KCP 20S-60-FP KCP-GF 20S-60-FP-GF 20SV-60-FP
16 KDP 20S-100-FP KDP-GF 20S-100-FP-GF 20SV-100-FP
17 KEP 20S-160-FP KEP-GF 20S-160-FP-GF 20SV-160-FP
18 KFP 20S-200-FP KFP-GF 20S-200-FP-GF 20SV-200-FP
19 KGP 20S-300-FP KGP-GF 20S-300-FP-GF 20SV-300-FP
20 KHP 20S-400-FP KHP-GF 20S-400-FP-GF 20SV-400-FP
21 KIP 20S-600-FP KIP-GF 20S-600-FP-GF 20SV-600-FP
22 KJP 20S-800-FP KJP-GF 20S-800-FP-GF 20SV-800-FP
23 KKP 20S-1K-FP KKP-GF 20S-1K-FP-GF 20SV-1K-FP
24 KLP 20S-1500-FP KLP-GF 20S-1500-FP-GF 20SV-1500-FP
25 KMP 20S-2K-FP KMP-GF 20S-2K-FP-GF 20SV-2K-FP
26 KNP 20S-3K-FP KNP-GF 20S-3K-FP-GF 20SV-3K-FP
27 K4kP 20S-4K-FP K4kP-GF 20S-4K-FP-GF 20SV-4K-FP
28 KOP 20S-5K-FP KOP-GF 20S-5K-FP-GF 20SV-5K-FP
29 K6kP 20S-6K-FP K6kP-GF 20S-6K-FP-GF 20SV-6K-FP
30 KPP 20S-10K-FP KPP-GF 20S-10K-FP-GF 20SV-10K-FP
31 KQP 20S-15K-FP KQP-GF 20S-15K-FP-GF 20SV-15K-FP
32 KRP1/4MPM 20S-20K-FP-1/4MPM KRP1/4MPM-GF 20S-20K-FP-1/4MPM-GF 20SV-20K-FP-1/4MPM

Stewarts Pressure gauge P/N: KOP-GF, Dia 63mm(2-1/2in) 316S.S, 690KPA(100PSIG)
41S(0-2.5KgCm2)-BSP 4"" (100mm) ALL 316 SS GAUGE, 1/2"" BSP BTM CONN., SAFETY GLASS LENS, RANGE 0 - 2.5 KgCm2"
41S-(0-1.6KgCm2)-BSP 4"" (100mm) ALL 316 SS GAUGE, 1/2"" BSP BTM CONN., SAFETY GLASS LENS, RANGE 0 - 1.6 KgCm2"
41S-(0-1.0KgCm2)-BSP 4"" (100mm) ALL 316 SS GAUGE, 1/2"" BSP BTM CONN., SAFETY GLASS LENS, RANGE 0 - 1.0 KgCm2"

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